“It’s like I’m driving a box Chevy with a photographer, producer, painter, and a dancer filling up all the seats on a ride to New York. Everybody is in their early 20s. You gotta know where you wanna go the whole way there no matter how many stops you make or you’re guaranteed to get lost. I’m the rapping kid from Nashville, TN and I persuaded everybody in the whip we can make it to New York in the spur of the moment with the creativity of a genius, and only 100 dollars in my pocket. It’s progressive Southern culture and we can do anything we want. I’ve always been a leader.”

Mike Floss capitalizes on his natural instincts with creativity and unmatched lyrical prowess. Growing up the under the guidance of his father and renown jazz musician, Rod McGaha, his roots were deeply planted in art and self-expression.

He attended the HBCU in his hometown, Tennessee State University, where in between the parties and classes, he began mastering his craft and developing his sound. “I can do a song with Yo Gotti and still get my wave in… then turn around and do J Dilla records with Erykah Badu and bring something young and refreshing to the culture.”

Currently 24, The Southern Creative, Mike Floss, is a college graduate, and in just a few years he has developed a brand and voice unlike any other. He has opened up for Pusha T, Wale, Stalley, Yo Gotti, Dom Kennedy, Big K.R.I.T. and others. He has even traveled across the spectrum of music to do EDM shows with the duo Two Fresh in Nashville, Memphis, and Austin, TX at SXSW.

This rising underground king has created something new in the south and is rapidly expanding as his last two solo efforts, For the Rebels 1 & 2, were awarded Mixtape and Hip Hop Album of the Year by the Nashville Scene. Mike Floss has polished his sound and pushed the envelope with bold new sounds and ideas. And this is just the beginning