California singer-songwriter Victoria Monet has worked with heavyweights such as T.I. and Nas and penned songs for Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande. But, her talents as a solo artist might be even more impressive than her songwriting credits and work as a collaborator. Monet has just unveiled a video for “90’s Babies,” her first single in support of her forthcoming EP, Nightmares & Lullabies: Act II. Everything about the video might feel nostalgic and bring back some memories of the music of a couple decades back, but the actual sound is modern, progressive, and showcases Monet’s forward-thinking artistic mindset. When it comes to the official purpose behind today’s drop, the press release for the video breaks down Monet’s intentions as such:

While Victoria recalls popular TV shows, admitting “I wanted to be Ashley Banks,” she also shares her love for 90’s music, TLC in particular. “I snuck a radio into school and my friends and I would play the local radio station every day at recess hoping ‘Waterfalls’ would come on,” she said. “I still remember the moment it finally did. We all stopped playing tetherball and started dancing in the corner hoping we didn’t get caught by the security guard.”

You can watch the clip for “90’s Babies” above. Expect Victoria Monet’s next EP to arrive soon.