FlashP“A lot of people can freestyle, but can you make a song?” I go by the name of Flash Paparazzi aka Flash P. My life is a song, dating as far back as my first 16 bars in the 4th grade. Influenced by iconic bay area legends E-40 and the late, great, Mac Dre, I made music my career. Born and raised in the streets of Vallejo, California I was driven by my own personal hardships in life and decided to get serious, put the pen to the paper and the voice to the mic.

I found my song, I write, my life became a melody that got your head bobbin, your heart pumpin, and your eyebrows lifted. I proved this to myself when I recorded my first track my freshmen year of high school. After high school I took my music to a whole new level.

I found, my song I record, releasing freestyles to popular HipHop songs, old and new, posting them to Facebook gaining love from my peers, responses from my fans and satisfaction for myself. It is not a game, but reality I got something.

I found, my song here’s my hook,  I took popular and legendary Vallejo (my city) Artist tracks from past generations (Mac Dre, E-40, Celly Cell, B-Legit and N2Deep) and created my first project “Homecoming: A Kid from Vallejo”. After releasing my first piece, dedicated to my fans in September 2011, I gained support like no other.

I found, my song here’s my verse, 4 months later January 2012 I released my second mixtape “Life in the Fast Lane Volume 1” receiving over 300 downloads in the first 10 minutes of its release, taking my music in a productive direction. Fans were able to see me and experience “my life, my song” threw its raw flow, catchy hooks with realistic grown man swag. Since its release many different avenues such as shows, features, etc., have come my way.

I found, my song here’s my bridge, now ready to release my third mixtape, “Party, Sex, Drugs” full of original beats is the next step in my career. My lyrics, flow and passion for the music has grown to new limits and I am ready to give my loyal fans and the world my life, my song so they can witness, the world of Flash Paparazzi. Like I said a lot of people can freestyle, but can you make a song? Can you write and record a hook, verse and bridge?” I found my song; it’s written and recorded, the hook, verse and the bridge! Keep your eyes open, ears focused and your mouth shut, fresh out of Vallejo, California it’s me Flash Paparazzi in the flesh.

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