When I first caught wind of the new beat tape ‘Instrumental Hip Hop is Dead’ by Kaytranada, I was surprised to find out that producers were still doing projects like this.When I read that it was in the same vain as J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’, I had to go in. Although no where near the musical mastery of ‘Donuts’, Kaytranada gets a well deserved round of applause for the well crafted raw ideas that spill out of the speakers.

As soon as you press play you are introduced to the sounds by a double-cupped Redman, letting the listener know immediately that this is no ordinary beat tape. Wellplaced soul, funk, hip hop and classic rock samples pay homage to the ghosts ofmusics past while giving the listener a small taste of Kaytranada’s musical library.Producers of the early Hip Hop should be proud, just as the new school should be withthe usage of dirty 808’s, trap hi hats, and synch bass lines used throughout.

The the high point of this collection for me was the blending of Missy Elliot with Rufus and Chaka Khan. For that I give Kaystranada a standing ovation. The blendingwas seamless and if I was in the club, I would have stopped talking, grabbed the girl Iwas with and went dumb on the dance floor.

This is one of the best raw production efforts I have heard in a while. A blend ofthe old and new while establishing his own identity within a musical world where it’s allthe sudden status quo to sound like everyone else. Lighters in the air for Kaytranada.

By Dr. Walker