The Olympics occur every four years and include some of the most stellar athletes from nations across the globe. With the 2012 Olympics currently underway, it’s a topic that surrounds us, be it on social media, news reports, at work, or even amongst friends. Everyone is asking, “Who won the gold?”, and “Did you see that win?” Even more interesting though, some people have been posing Olympic questions spark debate and that have me thinking. Just last night, Rapper Common posed a question onTwitter pondering, “If rap was an Olympic sport, what 7 MC’s would the US send to represent them?”

Now that would be a sight to see, rap battles in an Olympic stadium, some of the best MC’s squaring off for the gold. I sat down and imagined the type of beats that would be played, who would DJ the battles, and who would coach these Rap Star Olympiads into perfection? I thought about hip-hops most profound artists, realizing in order to be an Olympic champion it would take much more than simply catchy lines or stage presence. Some key skills to Olympic success included stamina, commitment, diversity, pride, determination, and resilience. In order to be an Olympic Rap star, the artist would need to be dynamic, able to adjust to different settings and styles. He/she would need to be knowledgeable in an array of different areas of life, not limited to simply one aspect. He/she would need to have stage presence, and style specific to him/herself. And he/she would need to be competitive and aspiring for the gold, nothing less. So who would the 7 picks be? As I turned the question over in my head, I took a few moments to poll a few friends and colleagues to see their thoughts on the topic.

Here are the top 7 picks:

  1. Jay-Z
  2. Eminem
  3. Tupac
  4. Biggie
  5. Nas
  6. Lil Wayne
  7. Andre 3000

I agreed for the most part with this list, only thinking to swap one or two of them for Ms. Lauryn Hill or Mos Def. Some other honorable mentions were: Ghostface Killah, Common, Jadakiss, Method Man, Fabolous, and of course the incomparable Dylan-Dylan-Dylan response which gave me lots of laughs. So what do you think? Who would be on your list of USA Hip Hop Olympic representatives? And more importantly, if you wanted to be the next Rap Star Olympiad, what skills, techniques, and trainings would you incorporate to take home the gold? I’d say our top 7 picks would be a good place to start comparing your skills.