Teyana Taylor Finally Finds Her Niche and Her Voice on Her "VII" Debut

It must be hard being Teyana Taylor. Hard in that it must be incredibly difficult to find a single fuck to give in the face of pop behemoths. While we might not appreciate the way she went about it, we have to admit it takes a spectacular amount of moxie to feud with someone like Rihanna, and then go on to release a pretty scintillating debut on Kanye‘s GOOD Music label. Featuring Chris Brown. The shade of it all.

Trivia aside, VII is dripping in melody, without doubt. Taylor has said that her iPod is full of 112, Donnell Jones, and Brandy, and she’s pretty much done them justice. Just Different sets the tone for nocturnal R&B, piano-driven and heavy on that late-night Californian soul that’s been missing in the genre for some time. Request is peppered with “I can be who you need me to be” lines, and in a fashion that’s true of Taylor: chameleonic, she can play breathy vixen on a bed of trap beats (Maybe) or retro-soul coquette on Outta My League.

In terms of 2014 R&B, she may not carry as much hype as Tinashe, but VII is an album to hold up just under Aquarius. Though Taylor doesn’t take as many sonic risks as her nearest contemporary, and the latter half descends into the middle-ground of balladry, the sentiment is enough to cement the feeling that this girl certainly has a hefty career in front of her. In other words: your move, Rihanna.

Stream VII above and let us know what you think. The album is also available now for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and most retail locations.