Richard ‘Double R’ Wallace born July 8th 1986 from Fremont, CA (Bay Area) grew up with music all around him. He caught on to be apart of music (hip-hop) since the passion from lyrics and flow related. Having a tough childhood from a lower class family music was a way to block out the ‘hard times’ and dream about the future. Headphones loud, tape/disc on repeat he started rhyming about his life and what he seen around him. Really gettin into music at the age of 17, all his free time was spent writing. In 2009 he signed to independent record label Juil Records. Thats when he started doing shows and events to get his music out to the public, and get a feel of the business side of the industry. Now (2013) he is a independent artist looking for that one shot at great success. “Music to me is the reason we all live, if I make it ‘big’ or not I am happy with what I’ve created and brought to the table.” His debut mixtape ‘DREAMS‘ is a, deep, passionate, fun tape.