320678_494171467294300_1958565529_nSyncopated, skeptical and beeping into life, ‘Just Ok’, the latest single from London-based, Berlin-born singer and producer SINAH, is the sort of enigmatic creature that you wouldn’t be surprised to find gazing back in to the depths of its own off-kilter brand of electronica.

Crafted from layers of long, expansive bass notes, agitated percussion and half-sung, half-spoken vocals, ‘Just Ok’ builds itself up around the fruitful conjoining of a producer’s need to create innovative, hooky sound and the natural inclination of the lyricist towards storytelling, succeeding where so many others have failed because music and lyrical content are so carefully united in sentiment.

SINAH’s confessional refrains sketch out the emotional landscape of the track, each jostling layer of sound swelling and receding around them, and there is an anxiety here – an uncertainty – that makes ‘Just Ok’ supremely compelling. This is a track that does much more than just tell a story – it genuinely embodies the frustrations of youthfulness, and does so in a way that’s as sonically unique as it is sincere.

With ‘Just Ok’ SINAH showcases her raw talent as singer, producer and lyricist, and announces herself as one of the most astute and creatively ambitious artists to be working in London right now.

Written and Produced by SINAH