Heading into spring, Qualmes brings us his latest rendition – ‘Left Well Alone’. A rather psychological record packed with strong & meaningful expressions performed in spoken word format. Along with incredibly conducted production by none other than @SoundsByCOOP, this one should not be overlooked.

‘Left Well Alone’ is sure to resonate with anyone who has gone through a personal struggle of their own where circumstances may have left you feeling empty and vulnerable. With no one being able to understand what it was you were going through, you were left well alone – needing to figure things out on your own. On this track, The Black Gringo self-reflects over widely apparent affairs rising from negligent self-indulgence & the personal impact such situations have made on his life.

Visit www.QUALMES.com to download both ‘Left Well Alone’ and his past project ‘Advocate Of’. Also to follow what makes up the ever exceeding, compulsively hard working EAE movement (Exceed All Expectations) & listen to the rest of his “Direct Deposit” collection of songs dating back to January 2013. Expect his every 15th of each month in 2014 with something new for your listening pleasure.