In the past we’ve relied on our own network of contacts and contacts’ contacts to find interesting content and contributors. We occasionally get emails with suggestions and ideas, but once I filter out the self-promoting bulk of it, I’m usually left with very mixed quality results. Still, we’re willing to try out a call for submission to see if we can dig up some great stories and inspiring folks we would otherwise not come across.

So, if you are interested in writing a piece or have a friend, colleague, or idol whose story you’d like to see in an issue, please read through the following info before submitting your suggestions below.

  1. Essay/Opinion Piece — We’re always looking for introspective, personal articles with a unique opinion and thought-provoking idea. Your piece can go as far off topic as you like, but eventually it has to relate back to hiphop, the culture, and our lifestyle. If you like to write for Face 2 Face, please include a few reference links to previous articles and describe the topic you’d like to write about.
  2. Interview — Over time we’ve been accumulating a long list of potential interviewees. If you have interview suggestions, please explain why their story is worth telling, and if possible, offer an introduction. Note that simply listing a few big names (Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, etc.) isn’t very helpful. We are especially looking for inspiring folks not based in the usual local like LA or NYC, and we are also always short of female contributors.
  3. Profile (#DISCVR) — The profiles in Face 2 Face feature individuals and companies with a unique take on the arts, creativity, problem-solving and business. They don’t necessarily have to be in the hip hop field directly. We’re looking for anything refreshing and inspiring. If you, your business, or a contact of yours tick these boxes, feel free to recommend yourself/them by telling us in a few short sentences why it’s worth featuring you/them. Note that this involves quite a bit work on your/their behalf too (photos, writing).

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Please keep your emails concise. Although we try to reply to all emails, sometimes we just can’t get to every single one. Know that we appreciate your suggestions nevertheless.

PR folks with standard cheesy press releases: my spam folder loves you!

Please send your submissions (and only those) to the following email address.