Liam Tracy

Liam Tracy

Liam Tracy, the 18-year-old rapping newcomer from New Rochelle, New York, is used to getting double takes. He began rapping at the age of 11, even then paying a distinctive and noticeable homage to his rap predecessors in his lyrics and flow. Insert Biggie at the top of his list of influencers and heroes.

“I love Biggie. I was definitely influenced by Biggie as a kid,” Liam Tracy recollects of his early days and discovering he could rap–a sound that developed with a clear lean towards the musicianship and easy-going feel of the Golden Era.

“Of the crews these days, I would have to say I’m probably most likely to fit into TDE. Those guys are so lyrical, and their music sounds so different. I’m like that–I have lyrics, and my music doesn’t have just one sound.”

On Tracy’s lead single, “Keeping’ It High,” he noticeably channels some of his favorites in the sound and three-part structure of the song. He says, “I purposely built the song in three parts, so like the title says, I’m ‘keepin’ it high’ as the song builds. It’s right that you can hear some of my influences in the song–I would say Lil Wayne is definitely there, and a few others.”

His EP, Liam’s Thoughts, is set release January 27th.

April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)

Source: Main Stream News