What up bro? 
What’s good.

How have you been?
I’ve been good…. Blessed with no complaints

What’s new since the last interview?
Since the last interview, I left the gym that I was training at and I’m currently in the process of opening my own location. I’ve also added a few different certifications to enhance my knowledge and ability to train clients effectively.

So tell me, what is your professional title? 
I am the business owner of Mpressionz Fitness and a certified personal trainer.

For those that don’t know, how did you get started in the physical training industry?
It wasn’t on purpose. I was always active in sports growing up but in 2008 I deployed to Iraq. There’s not much to do in Iraq, except your job and the gym. Funny thing was I fell in love with the gym. That led to people asking me to train them and help them get in shape. When I came back from deployment, my mom became ill. I remember walking in the ICU room and that being the hardest moment I ever experienced. To see my mom in a position where she couldn’t hug or even acknowledge that I was there was life changing. My mother ended up passing away and I promised myself that if I can stop anybody from having to go through that or feel that pain, I would do everything in my power to help people gain, regain or obtain health. So shortly after my mom’s funeral, I enrolled in school to get my degree in Kinesiology and my personal training certification.

Give us some background with your experience with the healthy lifestyles industry.
My first personal training job was at Fitness 19 in Rocklin, CA. After 6 months, I was the top trainer and was promoted to the Head Personal Trainer position. I held that position for 4 years before I decided to start my own personal training business. I’ve been independent for 5 years now and offer services such as personal training, online training, consultations, and youth fitness.

I love pizza and chicken, what’s your favorite unhealthy food?
My favorite unhealthy food is probably tacos. There’s a place of Mission in SF that makes the best tacos.

What do you say to people that say healthy food is nasty?
When people say healthy food is nasty, I tend to believe it’s one of two things: either they can’t cook, or their taste buds have been altered by years of eating unhealthy foods that they no longer know what food is supposed to taste like.

What’s your favorite “healthy” food to eat?
Grilled chicken and garlic parmesan asparagus

What would you say is the hardest part about a healthy lifestyle?
The hardest part of leading a healthy lifestyle is developing a healthy mindset about actually leading a healthy lifestyle. When you have a strong mindset and understanding of what health is, getting through obstacles or peer pressure becomes effortless.

Truthfully, have you ever thought about just letting yourself go and eating like a whole pizza? No. Next question.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about living healthy?
One, is that it is impossible and the other is that it is too expensive. Both of which are false. Most people just don’t completely grasp how good healthy feels or how expensive sickness is.

Give me some of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle that people may not know about.
Improved energy, improved mood, improved productivity, improved sex drive, healthy weight, disease prevention, increased mental health, improved physical appearance, improved self-esteem and increased life expectancy to name a few.

What would you say is more important, working out or eating healthy?
Both are necessary and play vital roles in improving overall health but nutrition is 80% of the solution and fitness is 20%. The myth that you can out train a bad diet is completely false, however I would not suggest choosing one aspect over the other.

What would you say is a good start for someone that is trying to get started with a healthier lifestyle?
First, is to realize that every journey starts with a single step. So the best thing, I can tell somebody is to plain and simply start. If you lack knowledge about exercise and nutrition seek PROFESSIONAL help. Write your goals down. Then be relentless in achieving them.

So I know the ladies want to know… what’s up with the new calendar?
Plans are in the works for the 2018 calendar. The photography will be done by Jack Manning III of Jaxon Photo Group out of Atlanta. Location and pre-orders and sale date will be announced very soon.

Tell me about your online physical trainer service? How does that work?
Online training packages include your customized workout, grocery shopping list and custom nutrition plan. It also consists of communication between the client and myself at least twice a week via email, text, video chat. All online programs begin on a Monday. Transformation pics, weight and measurements are due the day before the program begins and then at the 15th and 30th day mark. Everything is custom and completely specific to the client and their goals. My clients have seen amazing results and I’m extremely proud of the success the program has had.

So we are relaunching askED, tell me some of the things people well be able to get out of askED?
People will get to ask anything health, fitness and nutrition related. I want to be able to point people in the right direction towards leading a healthy lifestyle and take some of the confusion and misconception out the way.

Any shout outs you want to give to anyone out there?
I just want to thank all my clients that have trusted me with their health and fitness goals. I know my training isn’t always the easiest but the fact that my clients have trusted my process is evident in their improved health and results. I would also like to thank Face 2 Face magazine for this opportunity. This is a great honor and privilege to be a part of something groundbreaking and innovative. Thank you.