Spring is here and Michael Marshall released a melodic track entitled “FreeThinker Anthem” produced by Icy Cold On The Track. The song is the lyrical manifestation of doing what you want and living by your own terms regardless of what people say along with references of stereotypical hindrances that have plagued America (i.e Michael Dunn.)

About Michael Marshall

18 year old artist Michael Marshall is often attributed with unique characteristics, more times than not his variety and diversity incites the interest of critics. When it comes to flow, he can balance east coast and dirty south as well as slightly hint sparks of club music. When it comes to lyrics he’s capable of being very complex, using intricate metaphors, unique rhyme schemes, and a variety of different subjects targeting all age groups. He recently released his free album “Church Boy” via Hot New Hip Hop and it’s given him nothing but positive accolades. Garnering thousands of views, likes, followers, radio play, and downloads Michael has established a incredible fan base. Michael, at the top of 2014 released his first music video that he shot and directed to the song “Rows up top (Soul)” from his stellar free album “Church Boy”.

Michael is often implied to be a leader of a new generation of Hip Hop, Michael Marshall is bringing lyrical hip hop back as plain and simple as that. Michael’s goal through his music is to be different and intrigue the interest and imagination of the average person while telling his story and relating to people. Michael has recently established his brand and movement through the Free Thinker Music Group. In the next year Michael plans on touring through music festivals and touring throughout the east coast. The main goal Michael has is to gain national recognition through his hard work, remarkable marketing strategies and dedication.

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