Their trippy, soulful, rock grooves that bang across cascading, sensual rhythms, it’s hard not to fall in love with Meridian’s do or die style.

Eclectic indie rock duo Meridian Lights is playing a string of shows around their upcoming performance at Culture Conscious Festival in Tonasket, WA on June 21.

Meridian Lights is Bradley Valentin and Yohimbe Sampson. They grew up creating and performing music in their homes with their families in their Bed-Stuy neighborhood as a part of celebrating the greatest moments of life, maintaining optimism during its trials and music of course, served as an outlet for their own self expression.

Yohimbe is a self-taught guitarist since a teen in popular Brooklyn rap-rock fusion band Game Rebellion. A neighborhood party that turned into a jam session where Yohimbe grabbed a guitar and nobody dared to sing led Brad to step in, and they have not stopped playing together since.

Bradley; writing since a pre-teen, writes everything from short stories to poetry. He began singing in his mother’s church choir around the same time.

“At home I was introduced to many different genres and I always paid attention to the vocalist and their performance,” says Bradley.

Their new ep “Meridian Lights”  fuses soul, world and electronica into an indie pop song set that touches on trial, optimism, love and some baby-making rhythms.