After a Successful release of the GOD: LoFi EP MeLo-X releases the second installment of his three part EP series GOD: HiFi. GOD: HiFi sets the bar higher and represents an Indie artist rise to fame. First your LoFi (Underground) then you reach your high point (HiFi). Next up in the series is GOD: WiFi which represents an artist finally becoming internationally known and respected. stay tuned – It’s The God, God.

My goal in life is to fully explore the depths of my minds creativity. I choose my means of creation solely off of emotion, and inspiration. I am the God of my destiny. I choose where my life is headed and what I will become. My mind is never incarcerated in any specific field, or genre. This allows me to explore the true possibilities of my artistic freedom. From music, art, photography and traveling the world, this is where my journey lies.

MeLo-X is a sonic creator. Incorporating kaleidoscopic influences from Eminem to Nirvana, from Picasso to Moses, from the sweet scent of Jamaican mango trees to the pungent stenches of dark New York City corners – this Brooklyn native fuses together vibrations of soul, electronic hip hop, old school reggae and new school basement party.

MeLo has toured the world since the release of his first mixtape Mustafa’s Renaissance in 2008 – touching down in creative metropolitan hubs like Berlin for the Bread and Butter Tradeshow Festival, London for the YOYO LDN event at the Notting Hill Arts Club, and he continues to draw hugely expanding crowds in major NYC venues, including SOB’s, Southpaw, The Blender Theater and Webster Hall among others.

In addition to unassumingly fondling his listeners’ insides with his mellifluous Electronic Reggae-Hop, MeLo-X oozes self-expression through visual art. When he’s not writing, producing, singing, strumming or remixing, MeLo swaps out his mic for a paintbrush and his MPD32 drum pad for a camera.