The extremely unique name Leaf stands out all on its on, but who is the blue-ish green haired beauty grabbing the attention of teens across the nation? The 17 year-old New York native credits her upbringing in the big apple to her ongoing outburst of creativity, but her confident charisma combined with her sincere humbleness to succeed has her well on her way to becoming a household name.

As a jack of all trades, Leaf divides her time as a singer, model, DJ, rapper, entrepreneur, and let’s not fail to mention, a high school senior! Getting direction and advice from her immediate family, who have made names for themselves in the music industry, has certainly opened some doors for her thus far, but the independent teen is determined to put in the work to grow her fan base through new material, social media and live shows. After the release of her new mix tape out, Naked and Wasted, in 2013 Leaf is back today with the release of QUEEN OF HEART. The album is loaded with dope production and the talents of Leaf making for one hell of a project. Don’t sleep on this shit, check out the full stream of the new album above and speak your mind on it after the jump.