The rising apparel line, Le Belle Moi, has announced it’s next two runway appearances this summer. Walk Atlanta, July 11th, and Las Vegas Fashion Week.

Since their beginning in December 2013, this promising apparel line has been designing trendy pieces that seem to be quite popular throughout the San Francisco Bay Area thus far. The brand’s goal is to provide the “perfect fit for the perfect woman.” Le Belle Moi believes everyone should look great in their clothes no matter what shape or size.

Ronita Wheatfall has never really been comfortable living within the rules and that personality trait displays itself in her designs. Ronita says, Le Belle Moi is neither a plus size nor a petite size fashion line, it’s for all sizes and all ages.

3LooksFrom casual to weddings, Le Belle Moi’s collections are starting to ignite interest in boutiques around the bay. The majority of their sales come from their website and social media pages where their customers get the opportunity to meet Ms. Wheatfall for one on one consultation and fitting.

The public got a sneak peek at the latest from Le Belle Moi during their official launch party in late spring of 2015. The company plans to allow shoppers to purchase these custom designed pieces this summer with the completion and relaunch of

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