And Kali gets everything she wants.

Last month, Virginia-based, Columbia-born singer Kali Uchis dropped her video for “Know What I Want” as the first single to her forthcoming EP, Por Vida. Today, she finally let’s us in on the audio for her reggae-infused, self-assuring track, which is produced by Bunx and re-edited and mastered from the original track in the music video. The song is alluring — her dreamy vocals dance gently over the upbeat, low-velocity chords of a Rhodes piano while the catchy rhythms of the bass and percussion stands as strong foundation. Here are a few words from the artist on the concept behind the song:

“My music is auto-biographical and this is something I was going through at the time. At the end of the day, people only have as much control over you as you allow them to have, and I wanted to really exemplify that with this song. I wanted to express that I’m not confused; I am an evolving force moving in one determined direction, and whether or not you’re going to move forward with me is up to you, but I’m not slowing myself down for anyone”.


To celebrate the video for her recent single, “Know What I Want,” reaching 100,000 views, Kali Uchis has shared a song entitled “All Or Nothing.” The track is inspired by Billie Holiday, and its instrumental is based on an old Ralfi Pagan number. Consider this a one-off cut from Uchis, who will not be including this song on any upcoming project.

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