I wanna tell you guys a secret. You know your favourite artist, they used to sound different, chances are a lot worse. Something to keep in mind when speaking about Kaizer an ATLien who has just dropped his first track EVER, that we know of anyway.

“Living” isn’t a masterpiece, nor is it the second coming of Kanye, but what it is, is an insight into a youngsters heart and skills, something that we wasn’t going to post judging the track by the first half, but the second half shows so much promise, we had to. Kaizers choice of production instantly resonates with us as it has this whole Soulection sonic pallete going on with a lovely Alicia Keys sample going on and some heavy textured elements coming from the synths. Kaizer doesn’t lack confidence, something that is obvious from the jump, but his personality is all but missing for a good chunk of the song, with a monotone delivery depriving focus from his surprising wordplay. Thankfully though as the beat changes, Kaizer comes to life, switching between double-time flows and seemingly channeling his inner Chance and Migos at the same time.

It’s one of those things that’s easier to understand once you hear it.

“Living” is only Kaizers first single, but as first impressions go, hes succeeded and we at Face 2 Face will be looking for more.