For those of you who only hear of Massachusetts’ own Joyner Lucas when he’s shooting darts at your favorite rappers, his new video “I’m Not Racist” might change all of that.

The video is a powerful concept powerfully executed.
The two men, both of them lip syncing to Lucas’ words, sit across from each other at a table.
First, the white man unloads his frustrations and his views on Black Lives Matter, the NFL anthem protests. There are even potshots taken against 2Pac and Eminem.
Then the black man reacts. He takes on white privilege, cultural appropriation, and attacks against former President Barack Obama.
Throughout the song, both men insist “I’m not racist.”
The video for the song was filmed last week in New Hampshire, and Lucas said while he knew it would do well, he was shocked so many people had watched it so quickly.
And he said most of the reaction to the controversial video has been positive.
“I’m very shocked at the amount of love that I’m seeing. I’m not seeing as much hatred,” he said. “I’m actually seeing a lot of comments along the lines of ”wow, i never looked at things that way before. I can understand where the white man is coming from. I can understand where the black man is coming from.'”
Reactions like that is why Lucas does what he does.
“That’s just my way of changing the world one day at a time,” he said.