Jon Dough and Rizzy showing us what it means to be Young and Gifted.

Jon Dough - Recess - Face 2 Face the Magazine

Jon Dough – Recess – Face 2 Face the Magazine

If you haven’t heard of Jon Dough, a new California-based rapper, Shame on you. But after a listen through his just-released eight-track EP album, Young & Gifted, it’s only going to take a few seconds before you realize he’s the real deal. With the material found on it, we have a newcomer worthy of high praise for hip-hop fans that dig the likes of Joey Bada$$, Chance The Rapper, and Tyler, The Creator.

Those three aforementioned rappers are all different from each other stylistically, but when it comes to dropping Jon’s name into that mix, he fits right in, and embodying the impressive production of Rizzy and rapping-features on his body of work here is an EP that’s going to see a significant amount of buzz in the coming weeks. It’s eight tracks aren’t a lot to go through, truthfully, It leaves us wanting more from the Fairfield, CA artist Jon Dough and Sacramento producer Rizzy.

The collabo of Jon Dough and Rizzy,  honesty have outdone themselves on this EP, and one of the tracks portraying the claim early on is “Recess”, as Jon share his young and gifted verses on vaires issues and generally address notions on personal, significant matters. The stage set by Rizzy is more than admirable as it consists of sooty drums and classic ’80s synths fenced in by Jon’s haunting vocal drones throughout.

“The Matrix” is another standout piece on the EP, as funk-ridden keys and vintage drums engender a throwback setting—making room for the delivery of a wistful-heavy chorus and reflective notions. The lengthy intro consisting of tantalizing lines from the movie, tingling breakdowns and vocal cuts adds to the evocative atmosphere, and further displays Rizzy’s maturation as a producer.

Definitely check out our highlights above, and if you wish to delve into more of Jon Dough offerings, do so by listening to his “The Big Home EP”