JMSN is clearing the road with "Street Sweeper"

Fans have been begging for more content and JMSN comes through just in time for cuffing season.

The multi-talented musician Christian Berishaj a.k.a JMSN has the voice of an angel. Here we have a track titled “Sweet Sweeper”, where he gives us a sneak peek of his upcoming self-titled album. Incorporating retrograde R&B vocals with new-generation electronic sound production, JMSN is definitely one of the frontrunners of this genre, along with big names like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Talk about a butter-smooth voice; it’s one of those tunes you can listen to all day and not get tired of. The feels are so strong with this one.



“Street Sweeper’ is about a person that I observe from an outside perspective; almost as if I don’t know the person, but in reality I do,” JMSN says of his latest release. “I try to figure out what draws me to this person so much. I point out flaws and other things I see in them but still always come back to that fact that I love whatever it is they have.”

JMSN @F2FtheMag | #F2FtheMag | Face 2 Face the Magazine

@F2FtheMag | #F2FtheMag | Face 2 Face the Magazine

So do yourself a favor, put this record on and we’ll cry our eyes out together. Also, brace yourself because JMSN album is coming out 12/9. It’s one of those albums you do not want to miss out on.