Originally born in Mount Vernon New York but raised in the northwest region of the United States in Everett, Washington, up and coming artist J-Key is what some will call “a rising star”. At the tender age of six, J-Key began co-writing songs with his older brother, through the influences and inspiration from his family. Growing up, J-Key listened to and studied the styles of Hip Hop trendsetters as well as studying the art of freestyling, battle rap, and enjoying the makings of a good book; which helped crafted his style and creativity of his music.

Besides his musical influences, his day-to-day life is a huge contributor to his passion for music and drive for success. From the weather outside to the color of the carpet in his room, to the way the new Jordan’s look with his apparel, creating music is an extension of his everyday hustle/struggle and writing music that reflects his life allows him to paint a picture for other to see and relate to. Growing up in Everett, Washington is different from living in New York, however, struggle is struggle no matter where you are from or live. J-Key grew up with humble beginnings. Not having much, only his love for Hip Hop, he became determined to turn his love into a career. Between the ages of 14-16, J-Key began building a buzz for himself. Participating in showcases and freestyle cyphers generated a local fan base as well as local social media attention.

Although his name started to become a sensation, J-Key fascination for music seemed to fall short for his need to provide for his family and ultimately costing him a few months of his life. J-Key realized his only ticket out of his situation was through his music and in January of 2013 he made his official introduction with single “On You” off his debut mixtape entitled Who’s Looking-releasing it the summer of his 21st birthday.

Since the release of his mixtape, J-Key has been traveling throughout the Northwest and Southeast regions of the Unites States. Being the opening act for artists such as John Hart, T-Pain, Kid Ink, Mistah Fab, Nipsey Hussle, YG, and Teefli. Generating a lot of notoriety through both his mixtape and single downloads and touring with various artists, J-Key landed on critically acclaimed publications- HipHopSince1987, TheSource.com, AllHipHop.com, and has been featured on over fifty blogs, nationally and internationally, as well as headlining his own college circuit tour in the south region of the United States.