Isaiah MicahSitting here with Isaiah Micah, discussing HIS new world of fashion. Giving the reading audience a sneak peek on what’s to come in the fashion world.

So what’s the official name of your clothing brand?
Isaiah Micah Co.

Where are you from?
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas huh?? Hot Springs doesn’t sound like a place where many “fashionista’s” are born. How would you define your city’s fashion?
Kinda late on the new era, but that’s what I’m here for.

How long have you been in the fashion business?
Like 6 or 7 months

What’s the story behind Isaiah Micah Co.? How did it get started?
It started by me actually being bored at work and just going to buy a sketch pad and color pencils and I started drawing. That’s the mood I was in (lol) and no I cannot draw at all. It’s just an example and made me believe you never know what you can do till you try.

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to designing your clothing?
From listening to an artist named Dom Kennedy and just by living life! I am at the point where something will happen and I will be like AYE! Then it normally ends up on a shirt. (Lol)

While viewing your website, I see you using phrases such as “live, learn, struggle, survive, and succeed”. These are very powerful words. What’s the story behind this?
The story behind it really is the story behind me, Isaiah Micah. My life experiences which I Know millions of others have also experienced. Every one struggles with a situation at some point in their life, but I didn’t give up, I survived my struggle and after my struggle I found success. Same with the Live, Learn.

What’s your favorite color to work with?
Pink, purple, yellow lol bright colors stand out more.

I see you’re only making shirts right now; do you ever plan to branch out to other articles of clothing? Like jeans, socks maybe some Isaiah Micah shoes?
Yes I plan on it. I have hats and beanies coming this fall. But I will most likely do shorts soon. And shoes would be live (lol)

Hats are deflitely “IN” right now. I can picture those now!

What designer(s) would you say gave you the most inspiration?
Kanye West

What would you say is your personal style?
I got a chill, casual retro laid back style.

Where does Isaiah buy his clothes at?mepinkIsaiahmicah.com of course…or Zumiez and the vans store is my all-time favorite.

Yes, of course (LOL). It wouldn’t be right if you were not rocking your own gear.

How will you know when you reach the top in your fashion career and then what do you do?
My focus is to be able to give back. When I’m able to give a whole community gear for school, that’s when I will know that my hard work has turned into success. I would also love to open a store.

So what’s your plan to remain hungry, you know…to continue beasting?
Speaking with my mother every day gives me the drive and determination to continue; and the memories of my past makes it that much easier to stay focused.

This being a hip hop magazine… Who’s the hottest rapper right now? And who’s the hottest vocalist right now?
Rapper would be Dom Kennedy to me and vocalist would be Trey Songz.

What’s in your cd player right now?
The Yellow Album

If your clothing line was a type of music, what would it be and why?
I would say Old School R&B…because it is original and it feels good (LOL).

Is there some G14 classified information that the world does not know about Isaiah Micah? I mean, some information that we cannot get from Google?
(LOL). Naw, nothing really…I am definitely allergic to seafood and I love pork chops. I know…random (LOL).

All the way RANDOM! Let’s continue with the random questions: You have to leave the house quickly, you can only grab one thing…what do you grab?
Isaiah Micah business cards…

Where can the public find your clothing line?

Say it again…


(LOL) Good answer…good answer. Tell the reading audience what separates Isaiah Micah Co. from the rest.
I say because it is original. It’s Isaiah Micah…IT’S ME!

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