This week, Los Angeles-based Innovator Concepts hit my inbox with an understated announcement:

“We are a collective of musicians who write and produce our own music, create our own original art, and direct our own visuals.”

The group’s first single “Glorious” far over-delivers on reserved promise, a display of weird, interwoven rapping paired with an impressively polished video. At the moment, outside of Chicago crew Pivot Gang’s “Jimmy,” I can’t recall another recent song where multiple rappers trade bars rather than verses–and even “Jimmy” isn’t quite as complicated and woozily acrobatic as “Glorious.” The rapping largely comprises abstract bragging, but many of the lines make up for that in their cleverness and animated, sharp delivery.

It’s an exciting introduction to a collective that seemingly has much to offer in the way of creation. The group’s website provides greater insight than their initial email into Innovator Concepts’ almost start-up like vision of art:

“Innovator Co is a creative collective comprised of musicians, fine artists, videographers, writers and engineers. We operate under the DIOS model, meaning we do it ourselves. Everything with the Innovator name attached to it is created in house by a team of professionals who have years of experience.

Though Innovator specializes and is heavily rooted in the arts, we aren’t bound to the production of music, fine art and literature. Simply put, we make stuff. We make good stuff. And we’re open to making good stuff with other people who want to make good stuff, too.”