Iamsu! is definitely going to be keeping his name floating in the mainstream and his songs bumping from radio waves and club speakers. The Bay Area rapper has returned with a new single entitled “Nothin Less,” featuring production by DJ Mustard. “Nothin Less” feels like it’s tailor-made for the same audiences that ensured songs like “Only That Real” and “Gas Pedal” stayed in constant rotation, but that’s not a bad thing. Iamsu! has found his niche in rap, and he’s building upon it and running with it straight into stardom and success. The release of “Nothin Less” is also being coupled with the news of a new mixtape from the HBK spitter entitled Eyes On Me, with release for the project scheduled for February 24. Suzy tells FADER that he will be “experimenting with different styles and different flow” on Eyes On Me, while also marking this occassion as the moment he “defines himself as an artist” and “soldifies his spot in music.” And, once that mixtape is out and found its way into your phones and laptops, there is that tour with Rome Fortune he will be embarking on in March. Iamsu! is definitely keeping himself busy. You can listen to “Nothin Less” above.