Not many women can make laying on the floor as sexy as Genevieve Chanelle.

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Who is Genevieve Chanelle? Miss Genevieve Chanelle is an American born Filipino with a touch of Malaysian and Chinese thrown into the mix. This exotic Asian launched herself into Import Modeling at the age of 17, and since then has travelled around the world featuring and appearing in a variety of print work, runway, trade-shows, pageants, hosting and featuring in music videos which can be seen at, Hot Import Nights, Formula Drift, Wekfast and now Face 2 Face the Magazine. She considers herself a ‘Sneaker Head’ with a number of sneakers, which many of us ‘Sneakerfreakers’ would envy. Jet setting around the world, modeling and meeting new people has helped Genevieve develop into the classy, young lady we see today.