With a rich Cameroonian background and from on the Southside of Atlanta, emerged the amazing talent of Denzel “ForteBowie” Ayuk. Born in 1990, ForteBowie taught himself to master fruity loops on his laptop and the keys on a piano in his teen years. Then, after being a student of numerous genres, he began to embark on a journey as an artist. Influenced by the styles of artists such as Sade, Phil Collins, Sting, Outkast, and many others, Forte mixes all of his influences with his own flavor and curates works of art.

ForteBowie launched his own brand, 1990, in December 2011 as a way to honor his birth year and the amazing decade of the 90s. A multi-talented musician who can play numerous instruments and is an extraordinary songwriter/producer/vocalist/lyricist. With his talent and stage presence, Forte has been making gaining attention for cities all of the country including Nashville, New York City, and Austin, TX.

After releasing his first project on March 1, 2011, entitled UberEargasms: The Life & Times of David Ruffin Jr., Forte gained some attention from music fans online but not enough to capture the attention of the tastemakers and big media outlets.

By of July 2011, ForteBowie released his Something About #Bowie project through Refined Hype and attracted the likes of Dj Booth.net, The Smoking Section, Ashley Outrageous, The Fader Magazine, and many others. With undeniable records like Ratchet, Impala, and Decatur, the project landed a spot on Live Mixtapes in the Indy section, receiving high ratings from listeners. Something About #Bowie included notable underground artists such as, Aleon Craft, Stanza, and Dave Flyer.

Using the momentum from Something About #Bowie as the catalyst that aided his progression, ForteBowie brought his music to the stage. In December of 2011, Forte opened up for Waka Flocka and Machine Gun Kelly, and in 2012, he performed for audiences in Atlanta during the A3C Hip Hop festival and at CMJ in NYC. In 2013, Forte graced the stage in Austin, TX at SXSW in addition to embarking on an 11 city tour with fellow Southside Atlanta native, Trinidad Jame$.

Continually setting the bar higher for himself, Forte released his latest project, Vice Haus, earlier this year. Blending together the progressive, urban, and alternative styles that create ForteBowie’s signature sound, the Vice Haus EP is a cohesive representation of his development as a musician and dedication to his craft.

With the ambition to reach the world with his music, it should be no surprise that ForteBowie diligently focuses on creating a body of work that will be loved and shared with global audiences for generations to come.

It’s Southside Atlanta like you’ve never heard it before.