As a new comer to the industry, we would like to thank Ms. Lynnie Renee for taking time out of her schedule to chat with us.

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
Sure, my name is Lynnie Renee I’m 31 years old and I am originally from Carson Ca. Danielle is used as my stage name and that has been shorten to Yellie by those close to me.

How did you come to reside in Las Vegas? And how long have you been here?
I came out to Vegas to start a new life and for a change of pace. I have been here for 4yrs and have become quite independent, my parents are very proud of me.

How is Sin City treating you?
So far so good, I love the freedom i have here in Las Vegas.

Do you mind if I ask your current profession?
I am currently a Go-Go dancer, definitely not a job I could do in Los Angeles.

Is this your first step into the modeling field?
Yes it is my first editorial shoot. I never really thought about being a model.

Do you plan on pursuing a modeling career?
If this goes well and people perceive me warmly, than Yea why not!!

You are a very pretty girl. However we are in the current time of the “thick chic”. Has this affected your earning potential at all?
I believe there is something for everyone, we all have our preferences.

What would you consider to be your best asset?
Hmmm I love my legs but i get lots of compliments on my lips

How tall are you?
I’m 5’2

[quote style=”boxed” ]5’2 huh??? That’s not a lot of leg to be considered your best asset… Just kidding…[/quote]

What about school? The photos of you in the nerd glasses say “teacher’s pet” all the way?
I was a teacher’s pet in school … I was in honors and AP classes all through BRAINS AND BEAUTY LOL

What are your future goals? Ambitions? Aspirations?
I want to open a child care service that caters to parents who live the Vegas Life … late nights early mornings *don’t steal my idea lol*

So we know living in Sin City is an adventure in itself, how do you keep balance between regular life and night life?
I stay in the house a lot. I prefer to stay home, cook and put on a movie over clubbing and drinking. I was over the strip 3 months after I moved here.

Seeing’s though this is a Hip Hop magazine, it is only fitting that I ask adbout some of your fav’s in the industry right now?
Currently I’m feeling Wale but 50cent is my ultimate fav I still remember listening to his mixed tape before he came out like “This dude is gonna change the game”.

Do you have a secret or not so secret celeb crush?
Oh I think 50 cent is super sexy muscles tats and a smile … OHHHH YASSSSSS!!!

Are you open to dating Celebrities?
Not really but if a celebrity genuinely impressed be past there public persona then I might.

I’m sure after browsing you article; inquiring minds would want to know your current dating situation.
Well I’ll put it like this; I’m not married so I guess that means I am single. *wink*

***WINK*** right back to you!!!

So what is it that you are looking for in a man, or Woman? (Hey, you never know these days)
I am not really looking. I am focused on improving myself and opening my business. Once I achieve those goals, the kind of man I want will make himself visible. Notice I said ‘MAN’ not ‘boy’. I like men with dreams who are looking to achieve those dreams; men who appreciate the little things, and are romantic and handy. Honestly I love country guys I think it’s the accent lol.

Can you tell us something about yourself that no one else would know?
NOPE!!!! That’s why it’s called a secret lol

We really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us Face to Face… (PUN INTENDED). For anyone looking to get in contact with you for booking and business purposes, would there be some contact information that you can provide?
You can contact me for bookings on my Facebook page:

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