Face: Can you give our readers a little insight in the world of Janet Mays?
Janet: I am a military girl; I have been actively servicing our country for 11 years. I am very family oriented. My nieces are my world; I talk to my sister every day. We can literally talk about nothing; we just like to talk to each other. I am pretty outgoing and very out spoken. I have also been working out a lot lately; bench pressing.  My goal is to be able to bench press my own body weight.

Face: Your own body weight huh?
Janet: Yeah, I think that’s just something cool to be able say,”Hey I can bench my own body weight.”  I was working with a personal trainer last year who told me a story about a teenager that he was working with and we seemed to be progressing at the same pace. It felt kinda silly to be at the same pace with a 16 year old. At one point I was able to bench 100 pounds, so I know I can add another 35 pounds to that.

Face: You know you just told the world weight right?
Janet: I don’t wanna be hella muscular or a body builder or anything, I just think that being able to bench my own body weight would be something cool to say…lol

Face: Do you mind if we ask your age?
Janet: I am actually gonna be 30 in few months.

Face: The big 3-0 huh?
Janet:  YEP!

Face: Any special plans?
Janet: I won a trip to Vegas for me and 3 of my friends; all inclusive with airfare, bottle service at 2 clubs and free dinner.

Face: oh okay, that sounds like fun. What’s your nationality?
Janet: Black and Filipino

Face: What is your current profession?
Janet: I am currently in the military reserved, where I have to complete my one weekend a month and 2 weeks out of the year. Because I was previously serving in active duty I am using my post 911 GI bill to go to school, so I am currently a full time student. The military pays me a basic allowance, so I haven’t had to work a civilian job in the past 15 months.

Civilian job huh? You sound like a military person…civilian job…you don’t have to work like us regular folks.

Face: How long have you been aspiring to be a model?
Janet: I have always wanted to be a model. It is just one of those things that I would start and stop. I took a couple of classes in high school, back in Sacramento. Then right out of high school I went into the military. I was kinda limited on the things I could pursue. I was stationed in Georgia. I couldn’t really be well; I’m not coming to the range today because I have an audition…

Face: What is your position in the military? What did you go there to do? I don’t know a lot about the military, besides for…I don’t wanna go…lol
Janet: Well, I have held several positions, but my current position; I was the Executive Officer in medical, but I have moved over to the brigade level. I am a medical services officer and my area of concentration is human resources.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes










Face: I know you previously stated that you currently live in L.A. How is L.A. treating you? I lived in L.A. for 2 years, how do you like it?
Janet: I like L.A. I was a little scared when I first moved here, because I was told that everyone here was stuck up and you know. I didn’t hear a lot of good things about Los Angeles. But since I have been here, I have met a lot of good people. I have a lot of good friends.

Face: Oh so you have just been the lucky one… to meet down to earth L.A
Janet: I also live in a really nice neighborhood. I live next to the Grove. The show “Extra” is filmed there, so I see celebrities 5 days a week, I was actually shopping at Nordstrom’s yesterday and Jennie Garth was there with her daughter.

Face: That is L.A., you will see random people doing random things on a random basis…that is one good thing about L.A. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
Janet: I have always wanted to live in Hawaii. My sister gave me the biggest guilt trip because she has 2 small girls and living in Hawaii would be too far.  I wouldn’t be able to see my nieces as often as I could. So L.A. was a compromise because it is still close enough to visit my nieces.

Face: Have you ever visited Hawaii?
Janet: I have been there 3 times.

Face: Oh, so you really like Hawaii…lol…What are your long term goals?
Janet: I am definitely going to retire from the military. I only have 9 more years.

Janet: You only need 20 years to be able to retire, and I am coming upon my 11th anniversary in March, and the military has been very good to me.

Face: What would YOU consider to be your best asset?
Janet: Ummmmm…my smile, because everyone compliments me on my teeth. I have even had people try to touch my teeth. I have been told I have a very nice smile. People want to put their hands in my mouth. Kinda weird, but you know…

Face: Yeah, that is definitely kinda weird… What would OTHERS consider to be your best asset?
Janet: Yeah, my smile or my legs…because they are long.

Face: Do you have followers? You know, people that follow the world of Janet Mays?
Janet: I think I do. I am not going to expose game and name drop, but I think I do and it’s kinda weird and a little stressful. I have this friend that is a male, so when I think something is weird I go to him for advice and he kinda guides me in the right direction on how to respond.

Face: What is your favorite social media website?
Janet: I am not really into social websites. I just got on Facebook last year, but my favorite would be Instagram. I think Instagram is cool.

Face: Yeah so many stories being told just by looking at a picture.
Janet: I like the creatively with the photo apps. You can also get a peek into someone’s life just by the pictures they post. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where it is only words…not much creativity there.

Face: We are quickly approaching the presidential election; do you have an input on the candidates?
Janet: I am definitely TEAM OBAMA!

IMG_4012Face: Will you be voting in the current election?
Janet: Yes

Face: Are you single?
Janet: I am! I am happily single and recently divorced. I was married for close to 3 years with a military guy. This dude cheated on me multiple times and had a baby, the only reason I found out was because someone wrote me a letter.

Face:  So u had to find out via letter? That’s crazy)
Janet: And the girlfriend is HIDEOUS! The baby momma is FAT and HIDEOUS…AND OLD! And she has a son twice his age. But what I think happened is, I have a very dominant personality and I am very independent. So I don’t necessarily need a man to take care of me I think I emasculated him

Face: That’s funny.
Janet: I noticed with the other 2 girls, they are very dependent on him, they don’t have jobs; they are not educated. Whereas I have a master’s degree, I own my own home and I drive a nice car.

Face: Who would be your ideal mate?
Janet: Someone tall…at least taller than me, preferably 6 foot something. This way I can still wear my heels; and someone with no kids. I know that may be hard because I am 30…

Face: Oh so you’re looking for a 19 year old…wait…maybe even a 16 year old these days…
Janet:  I prefer he has no kids. And I am not a gold digger or anything, but they have to make at least what I make or more. My ex made significantly less than me, so I was the one holding us down; which was fine. But going into my next relationship, I don’t wanna be the man in the relationship. I would like to be the woman. I want a MAN MAN! Like someone, well, I have always told people “I want someone to put me in my place”.

Face:  I got u…I get it! Not someone that is going to just let you walk all over them.
Janet:  Rite! One of my male friends thinks that I want someone that I can tell what to do, but I really don’t. I want someone that is going to be the man of the house.

Face: Do you have a celebrity crush?
Janet: No…not really!

Face:  No?  No one?
Janet: I don’t know, seeing them in real life, I’m just like…blah! Whatever! Okay wait…I’m lying. I really love Pauly D.

Janet: Pauly D

Face: Wait, I’m sorry, are u saying Talib?
Janet: No, Pauly D!

Face: Pauly from Jersey Shore? (LAUGHS OUT LOUD!)
Janet:  …lol…don’t laugh at me. (LOL) I met him at a charity event and I thought he was sooo cute!

Screen-Shot-2013-05-20-at-11.37.24-AMFace: But wait…how tall is he?
Janet:  He’s taller than…wait…he is probably about 6 foot something, because I had on 3 inch heels and we were the same height.

Face:  He just doesn’t look that tall on TV. This magazine focuses on the underground hip hop world, who would you like to see make a splash in the industry?
Janet: That I know that is like underground?

Face: Yeah, someone that maybe hasn’t made it just yet?
Janet: Uhhh, yeah, my roommate. She is a singer song writer and ever since I moved to L.A. I have been living with her. She works really hard and she has a really nice voice. She has not compromised her morals.

Face: What is your roommates name?
Janet:  Heidi Rojas…

Face: We will definitely keep her in mind.

Face: What type of music do you listen to?
Janet: Don’t laugh at me, but I prefer country music.

Face: Country music huh?
Janet: People believe it is because I lived I Georgia. I started listening to country in high school. Not the new stuff

Face: Like Garth Brooks…all my exes live in Texas?
Janet: No, I like the ballads. I mean I listen to hip hop as well; I don’t go to country clubs or anything.

Face: You know you go to country clubs…u probably be square dancing.
Janet:  I don’t know how to square dance…lol

Face: Who do you think has the best sound right now?
Janet: I love Drake.

Face: Drake??? U sure???
Janet: I could listen to him all day, even though he is not country.

Face: He is definitely NOT country…lol
Janet: I listen to Drake radio on Pandora while working out in the mornings.

Face: Okay…okay… What is your biggest fear?
Janet: Ummmm…I am pretty fearless.

Face: I guess the military teaches you to not be scared of too much of anything.  I don’t really scare easy. I am the type of person… I look at things on the brighter side; I don’t look at things in a negative way…more in a positive way. I guess I can’t really answer that question…lol

Face: Is there anything that you would want people to know about you? Meaning, are there any misconceptions about you that you would like to clear up?
Janet: Well…I think that I am pretty open with who I am…and I don’t think there are any…well…I take that back. People think that I am a bitch! One of my soldiers asked me “The way you act at work, do you act like that at home? I was like; well what’s wrong with the way I act at work? But I am very work focused. I don’t have time for small talk. I really don’t want to know how your day is going. (lol) I don’t need to know about those things,

Face: (LAUGHS LOUDER…wait…
Janet: I just want to get to the point. And so I think a lot of people think I am bitch because….

Face: Well what’s your definition of a bitch?
Janet: I guess, a mean bitchy person. Lol…Someone that is just mean! Someone that just doesn’t care! But I do care about people’s feelings and stuff, but you know.

Yeah we know, you just don’t want no small talk…lol) When I’m on a mission…I’m on a mission!

Face: Would you ever move back to Fairfield?
Janet: HECK NO!

Face: LOL…y not?
Janet: There is nothing in Fairfield. I don’t think I would even move back to the Bay. My sister tries to convince me to move back, but I am over it!

IMG_4102_toneFace: How can your current followers or new followers contact you?
Janet: I am on both Facebook and Instagram, but my profiles are both hidden. So I don’t know…

Face: Are you accepting people you don’t know?
Janet:  When I opened my Facebook, it was for my close friends and family to keep up with what I was doing in L.A. I really didn’t want everyone in my business. I am kinda a private person. And I just started accepting other people’s friendships that are outside of my circle. It has been fun to catch up with people from high school.

Face: Well you know, I accept a lot of people, I would hate to deny my fans…lol
Janet: But for the purposes of this, I will open up my Facebook. So if you know me and I don’t accept your request, GET THE HINT! LOL

Face: So Instagram is @Janet Mays?
Janet: Instagram is @msjmays

Face: And Facebook is just Janet Mays?
Janet:  Yes

Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us…..No problem…

Face: I hope u enjoyed the experience…
Janet: I really did!