While the news sheds light on some of the issues going on worldwide, it isn’t much of a window into what’s really going on. While hearing stories of protest and strife informs us of the struggle in Venezuela, the phrase “a picture says a thousand words” rings true. A Caracas-based freelance photographer by the name of Carlos Becerra captured some amazing images from the field.

Becerra was able to capture the chaos, violence, and destruction that went down as a result of the protests. Some of these images are graphic and really set the tone for the atmosphere in the country at that time. The images captured protestors and security personnel running through the streets. Some of them wearing gas masks, while others were crying or actually running away from the terror. The civil unrest was mainly due to the country’s government based problems and chronic lack of basic goods in the country. These images show the urgency of peace in the city and just how unhappy the people are with their government. Due to President Maduro’s aggressive response to the protests, ignited the protests even more causing more protests against the government. They have now entered what is called a “Venezuelan Spring”.

Source: MMM