Doja L'Herisse, aka, Doja is a lyricist, singer and songwriter based in Atlanta. With a sound that’s been described as a fusion of hip-hop, rock and R&B;

Doja can’t be compared to any other artist. Born and raised in New Orleans, Doja moved to Atlanta to pursue her musical career. She writes and co-produces all of her own music, performing live on stages all across Atlanta with a local band. Influenced by artist like Jay Z, Tupac Shakur, and Lil Wayne, Doja creates music that is inspiring, honest and powerful. Always at home on the stage, Doja’s live shows are electric. Her energy, personality and talent easily captures and enthralls each audience member.

Growing up in New Orleans, Doja was surrounded by great sounds. Her mom, who sang in the church choir, always filled the house with music. Soul, jazz and old school hip-hop were some of her early influences but it was her sister that first introduced her to rock n roll. Doja got her start in music at a local neighborhood cypher. Inspired and motivated by the energy and honesty of the local rappers, she went home one night and wrote her first sixteen bars. The next day she went back to the cypher and rapped for the crowed. They were blown away by her rhymes and delivery and she knew immediately that music was her destiny.

Doja is currently working on her debut album, “Doja L’Herisse – A Peasant Girl with Royal Dreams.” In addition to working on new music, Doja performs at clubs, local venues and festivals in Atlanta. Her largest performance to date is the Sweet Auburn Music Festival.