The multi-faceted Rapper & Songwriter, Jalissa Caine also known as stage name JayliiGotJuice grew up in the urban streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting her musical attributes at the age of five years old the young artist’ musical influences were from her grandmother (established poet) and auntie (former aspiring artist and songwriter) — her mother being a hard working Christian woman and father being a street hustler helped give her the balance she needed growing up in the neighborhoods she was raised in.

JayliiGotJuice released her first 2 industry beat mix-tapes in 2010-11 entitled “Wanna Be Vol. 1” & “Wanna Be Vol. 2” which can be found and downloaded on datpiff. The mix-tapes created a local buzz around town forcing her to shoot videos which gained over 15,000 views each. After dropping her mix-tape, the young entertainer decided to start a female cypher with other local female rappers in her city. The cyphers gained the exposure of big time blogs, reaching over 200,000 views, and landing all of the girls performance opportunities and more. Jaylii’s third mix-tape released June, 2013 titled “Dopest Bitch Ever” received outstanding responses due to the original beats, great lyrical content, and amazing delivery. She then went on to deliver another mixtape in 2014 killing the industry beats once again. Now she is delivering her mixtape “Drip Season” with the infectious single ‘Hunnits’ beginning to pick up traction.

JayLii, now being a young adult feels it is very important to talk to the youth about following dreams, and embracing individuality. She came up with the movement Juice Krew Affiliated, LLC years ago. Juice Krew is an affiliation for people who are not afraid to be themselves no matter what (Slogan: “I’ll Change The World, Before I Let The World Change Me”). She is now focusing on branding Juice Krew even more by creating a unisex apparel line that will be Re-Launching 2016. JayliiGotJuice is now located in Atlanta Ga, working hard to build her brand. Expect to see more of her.

JayliiGotJuice (Jaylii) with her New Debut Single, ‘Hunnits’ off her upcoming Debut Mixtape “Drip Season”, which will available soon!!