What can only be described as a mix of K Michelle and Nicki Minaj, Jay Elle is definitely the one to watch out for!

JayElleThe Notorious J.A.Y. is the new project from Jay Elle Music, recently released on July 31st via Datpiff.com. In this project she takes inspiration from the music of the Notorious B.I.G. and spins his records to reflect her own R&B sound. There are also 6 original records on the project and features from King Sevin, Adrian Roxstar and Lena Soul. This new mixtape is a perfect blend of classic Hip Hop and modern R&B/Soul.

Jay Elle is a multi-talented singer/songwriter born in New York City, the epicenter of Hip Hop music, and it is evident in her sound and her brand. Jay was born into a family of entertainers. She was introduced to music, acting, dance, and fashion at a very young age.

“I can remember as a kid, every Friday night me and my brother and cousins would put on a show for my parents and their friends. We would be singing and dancing. It was a competition. Whoever won would get prize money. We were so into it. I loved it and that rush of being able to entertain people stayed with me ever since.”

Jay knew that she wanted to be an entertainer since the age of 10. She’s always been a lover of music, listening to all genres from Country to Rock, R&B to Pop, Blues to Hip Hop which all shaped her creatively.

You can hear the versatility in her sound in all of her projects. In the last 14 months Jay Elle has dropped 4 projects in total: Instafame, Radio, Radio 2 and the new project The Notorious J.A.Y which are all available for download on Datpiff. All of which she is the exclusive writer for all of her projects.

Jay Elle is a passionate artist who allows her art to imitate life. She can only be described with three words; she is Jay Elle Music.