Jaxon a rock-leaning, soul, R&B singer born in New Zealand and raised in Texas.

Jaxon, an electric guitar-driven, rock-leaning R&B singer from New Zealand, has released his highly anticipated EP, WILDWEST. The singer, whose last song, “4 My,” was supported by LA’s own Power 106.7FM and garnered the young singer a worldwide audience, discovered a new side of music through the process of creating the EP, which consists of six songs, all a fusion of R&B with classic rock and psychedelic influences. Listen to the EP below.

About WILDWEST, Jaxon said, “The process of creation for WILDWEST was very organic. DYSN (the producer) and myself would sit in the studio and play different riffs and sing different melodies till we came up with a concept. From there, it was just feeling the music and letting the words flow effortlessly. I really enjoyed working with all live instrumentation, which we did for this project. I felt absorbed in the music and could feel it as I recorded.

“’Smith & Wesson’ is one of my favorite tracks from the record. It has a lot of emotional meaning to it, which can raise awareness to modern day problems in society, but also allows you to groove along to it.”

The idea of the title WILDWEST was conceived as a musical recap of the journey and events Jaxon has gone through since moving to LA, which he signifies as a westward expansion from Houston, Texas, to the city of Los Angeles, where he found himself at 18 years old.

Jaxon is a rock-leaning, soul, R&B singer born in New Zealand and raised in Texas. Forever the class clown, Jaxon was an outgoing, restless, artistic youth, always a step away from getting into trouble. However, there was something about music that soothed his spirit. Even as a baby, Jaxon’s mother found that playing Kenny G was the trick to calming her son down and getting him to fall asleep. As Jaxon grew, he found outlets for his continued restlessness through discovering his love for creating music, as well as in discovering a love of acting, which he began doing in school plays throughout high school. Eventually, expanding on his love for anything creative, Jaxon began experimenting with fashion and jewelry, additionally learning to balance his life through meditation, which he does daily.

It’s that fusion of cultures, creative outlets and varied musical influences that has created the genre mash-up that is Jaxon. Along with Kenny G, Jaxon cites artists such as Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Guns N’ Roses, Miguel, and Ben Harper, all of whom helped shape his style, which continues to grow and develop every day. Jaxon’s first foray onto the music scene was with a more R&B, soul-leaning project consisting of hits such as “4My,” which garnered radio success, although it was released completely independently. When it came to creating the next batch of music, Jaxon picked up the electric guitar and began pulling from some of his rock music icons, creating a project that wanders into a new, unknown territory for Jaxon as he blends his R&B vocal with the electric guitar in a more organic, rock-influenced record, aptly titled WILDWEST. About the new direction, Jaxon stated, “I like to let things naturally happen. I don’t like to plan my music or my life; I instead just go with the flow. I try not to stress too much.”