Krystal Cruz is a multi-talented artist/songwriter native of New York City with Dominican parents who has been a sensation in the Latino community.

Since she was young, Krystal has been dedicated to the arts of singing and dancing.  At the age of 7, she became the leader of her church choir.   At the age of 10, she recorded her first CD Titled “I Love to See the Temple” produced by Janice Kapp Perry, a well-known gospel artist, with worldwide distribution.  Later on at the age of 12, she joined a dance team called “Project 2000”, which toured in many places, performing live on Telemundo and opening for such artists as Fulanito and Elvis Crespo.

Krystal grew to work with producers such as Beatz Akademy, Doble A y Nales, A&X-Don-Omar and Nítido en el Nintendo.  Her work has been well embraced as a Latin Urban Pop female artist via “La Kalle 105.9FM”, “El Pachataso”, “Univisión Radio” and “Telemundo. “

In the latter years Krystal has performed in throughout the US and internationally performing her songs like “Sálvame”, “Te Dejo en el Pasado”, and “Primera Vista”.  

Presently Krystal’s début single  “Yo Se” has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm by fans as she Tours the Dominican Republic with this  unique Latin Urban Pop / Hip Hop production, that empowers women to “Know” that they are above all that society often values as they come “know” that they ARE invaluable.

“WHY ‘YO SE’?”

CK: Why Yo Se,  Because “I KNOW” That is the meaning of “YO SE” I guess that goes back in relating to men because a lot of these songs now and days are all about what men have. The big house, nice car, flashy chains ext. As women, don’t we all know this already? In the song I’m letting the man shine because as his right hand, I want him to, so I’m saying I know Papi! I get more into detail on the second verse when I explain how I have it too. So it’s kind of like ’yeah… whatever’. Don’t think you’re the only one Now, TU SABES, Krystal is a TRUE New Yorker and you can #jumpinthecab and catch this CHICA hanging out at trendy WASHINGTON HEIGHTS lounge ‘MIA’ filled with great food, amazing hookah and an unique drink menu or the CLASSIC and LEGENDARY CASA DE MOFONGO. When I asked this Latina SPIT-FIRE about her love life, she candidly replied “Love life? What’s that? With work alone, I feel like there is never time. Then you involve Family and maybe one close friend and there’s no time ever if you are really dedicated. But on a more real, not like if I actually try I find myself always dating someone involved with the music. It tends to be the only thing I let myself be around anyway time wise. And, then it doesn’t work out because of all the extra things that get involved in a MAN’S world with music. Groupies, Money, Power… men don’t like a woman to be “MORE POWERFUL” than them in the music, Or anything for that fact. I guess egos kick in, pero, honestly, I could care less. What a DIVA, Well said. I love talking to Krystal even further as we get into more questions about our related Spanish Caribbean culture of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, so let’s get back to the food to the two things that MAKE the DR; THE FOOD AND THE WOMEN!


CK: The one thing a Dominican Woman cannot live without is her plate called “los 3 Golpe” which contains Platano, Queso, Y Salami. (Plantains, Fried cheese, and Salami)


CK: I think every Dominican Women just likes to always look sexy and have fun. What man doesn’t want to be with a woman who strives to look sexy every day and smile? Just enjoy life.


CK: The CANTA KRYSTAL BRAND is very simple. Canta means sing in Spanish. Everywhere I go People ask me to sing. Canta Krystal. My name is Krystal, but now you know which one you’re talking about. The one that sings. You better saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannggg, Krystal!

  SharLisa Peterson of Caribbean E-Magazine