Jadi Attias was born October 5th in Brooklyn, New York from Dominican and Lebanese descent.

Jadi Attias was born October 5th in Brooklyn, New York from Dominican and Lebanese descent. Her mom has been her backbone, support system, and so much more. Having been raised without a male influence in her life made Jadi stronger and tougher. She picked up the trade of choreography at a young age. As a child, Jadi studied ballet and gymnastics while living in the Dominican Republic, and began her journey in the industry of hip hop dance shortly after. At the age of fifteen, Jadi was introduced to professional modeling and loved it. She has a passion for the camera, and loves when all eyes are on her. Jadi is ambitious, driven, and a hard worker.

 She’s ready to work and doesn’t want any handouts. Some of her interests include the artistry of makeup, dancing, music, and photography. Jadi has always been proactive in artful manners. She enjoys all types of music, though house and hip-hop are her favorites since she loves to dance. Jadi is attracted to ambitious and respectful men. Her man needs to be able to give her something to look up to because she certainly cannot have someone who will hold her back. One of her major turn-ons are cologne, if a guy smells good then he has her attention. A turn off is bad hygiene and a man who doesn’t take care of himself.

Coming into this game Jadi wants money, power, respect and will not stop until she gets it. People tend to think that in this industry females allow themselves to be disrespected to be able to achieve their goals, but Jadi is here to show you different. Her goal is to empower women, change the way models are viewed, and help them all gain respect as businesswomen just like everyone in the corporate world. With a number of projects, we’d like to welcome you all to Jadiville.

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Chris Krook x Blue Diamond “Partition” [Moving Portrait] from Chris Krook on Vimeo.

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