New York singer and songwriter, Bianca Raquel, unleashes her anticipated debut video, “Dear Summer…Our Season Is Over”. Using her smooth,velvety vocals to lure in unexpected listeners, she croons over a recent breakup and the heartbreak that has reared its ugly head. Instead of angrily recounting the ways in which she was wrong or dogged, Raquel serenades her ex-lover about the good times they shared and how their time together has come to a tragic end. However, she isn’t a damsel in distress or frail; she is ready to take control over her life and say goodbye, especially noted in the second half of the song, when she employs the classic Jay Z “Dear Summer” production.

Raquel pairs this dramatically beautiful song, with a group of visuals that borrows from “butterfly effect” imagery. Chris Anthony Hamilton keeps things rather minimal, choosing to keep things focused on the singer; either she is on the screen or her transformed silhouette can be seen. There are multiple shoots where she is superimposed onto smoke or a black screen that really make her pop out, grabbing the attention of all those viewing.