[quote ]Face 2 Face sends a S/O to Asa Pressley a very talented photographer:[/quote]

Asa Pressley is a professional photographer based in Columbia, South Carolina. His focus is on honing the craft of beauty, fashion, & portrait photography for commercialand editorial clients. He’s not your traditionally trained photographer or the protegé of some world-renowned visual art guru. Asa is a self-taught “lighthead” whose gift has been the ability to see this complex world simply through an assortment of lenses. His work is sometimes natural & dramatic, simple & perplexed, all in the same frame. His passion for photography has led him to work with some amazing clients and develop lifelong relationships. He states, “Every photo I take, I feel like it is an extension of me. It’s like a déjà vu and my physical being has finally caught up with my soul’s travel. I love that feeling!”

Check out his work, and don’t be afraid to book him.


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