"I throw 70 miles per hour -- that's throwing like a girl."

If you haven’t heard about Mo’ne Davis you probably will soon. Mo’ne is the first girl ever to pitch a shutout in the 2014 Little League World Series. This means she pitched for an entire game and kept the opposing team scoreless. She’s also the first Little League baseball player to have ever appeared on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. To put her baseball skills into perspective, the average speed for a fastball in Mo’ne’s age group is in the high 50mph to low 60mph bracket. Mo’ne, however, pitches at 70mph. In this short Spike Lee documentary it’s clear that she’s redefined what it means to ‘throw like a girl’. She’s turned the once insult into a compliment.

What’s even more incredible is that Mo’ne prefers to play basketball, and is could possibly be a better point guard than she is a pitcher. It seems as though she could take her pick of any sport and play it with ease. Despite her far-reaching impact in both the world of sport and women’s rights, Mo’ne remains completely unaffected and humble.

“There’s this little girl that I’d never seen before and she’s throwing these effortless, perfect spirals, once after another,” said coach Steve Bandura, who spotted Davis on the field when she was only seven years old. “And she’s throwing them like twenty yards and it just looked like it was computer-generated.”

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