Founded in 1996 by Peanut Butter Wolf as an independent music label, Stones Throw Records has introduced alternative culture and artistry within hip-hop throughout its existence and standing in 2014 as one of the most respected and names in the industry, introducing music lovers to the likes of J Dilla, Dâm-Funk, Aloe Blacc and so many more. With their Stone’s Throw Records Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton documentary preparing to hit theaters this month, we’re taking a closer look at AIAIAI’s tribute to the American music collective with their AIAIAI TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition headphones.


The Stone’s Trow edition of AIAIA’s TMA-1’s adopt its signature minimalist aesthetic, built of a sleek composition and smooth seamless finish. Composed using all black and detailed slightly with purple accents and the Stones Throw logo on the outer side of the ear pads, the TMA-1 opts to steer clear of loud and cluttered designs, allowing instead for its performance to make a statement.


AIAIAI’s headphone engineering is definitely and intricately designed for its sole purpose: to be user friendly. The set itself has a light and comfortable fit, with the band using a light grasp to secure itself on the wearer’s head and the ear pieces themselves secured with generous padding to allow for comfort during use.


The TMA-1’s are hailed for their performance as DJ headphones, and the Stones Throw edition of the series is no exception – with a steady sound flow that allows the user to separately identify each and every individual beat within an instrumental. As the headphones are not noise cancelling, they keep the wearer connected with the world around them, keeping a balance between the world within the set itself and the user’s surroundings.