Haute Headz Head Chainz and Bandz is the creation of former model and celebrity hairstylist, Adrianne Michelle. Having glammed up the tresses of celebrities like Dawn Richards, Keisha Cole, and Dray Michelle, Adrianne conjured up the idea for Haute Headz on a photo shoot while using a bracelet as an impromptu headpiece to differentiate the models’ looks. Due to the overwhelming feedback from the shoot, Haute Headz Head Chainz and Banz was developed into a full collection.  Incorporating a distinct East Coast vibe and L.A. flair, these dainty, yet sophisticated head chains offer up a delicious urban edge. Each chain is meticulously handcrafted by Adrianne and her team. With a rapidly growing legion of fans ranging from models to influential tastemakers, Haute Headz Head Chainz and Bandz shows no sign of slowing down.