Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2

Action Bronson – Blue Chips 2

By tonymc

Bronsilino set the foundation of what all real hip-hop shows should be.

The crowd was ready to hear some authentic hip-hop as soon as they entered the doors. People of all origins and creeds flooded Irving Plaza this weekend to catch the official kick-off of Action Bronson‘s Blue Chips 2 tour. The Queens rapper infiltrated the Plaza for two days for a show that truly explored all aspects of hip-hip from the DJ to the instruments used to create epic beats.

HOT 97′s own Peter Rosenberg took the stage to open the festivities. The radio personality used his prime knowledge of original hip-hop to hype the crowd. With the sounds of D-Block, Wu-Tang Clan, and Mobb Deep, Rosenberg took the crowd back to a time when the game was a true hustle.

The show took a different yet appropriate direction once Blue Chips producers Party Supplies hit the stage. This New York duo are not your average producers. Justin Nealis and Sean Mahon are actually two-man band that worked with Action on several projects like Blue Chips and it’s follow-up sequel. Party Supplies performed several songs including “Going Back To New York” and “Security” from their last album Tough Love.

The crowd went wild with cheer as soon as the lights went low for Action Bronson. The Queens rapper made an entrance as if he was feeding off the audience’s energy. Bronson performed several hits off Blue Chips 2 including “Pepe Lopez” and “The Don’s Cheek”. Bronsilino also took it back to The Alchemist-produced Rare Chandeliers project with his performance of “The Symbol”. Bronson’s kick-off show in New York City was just the beginning of a tour that will end with overall-success.

Check out some snapshots of the concert here.

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)

Photo Credit: Keith Lee


Source: Main Stream News